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January 16, 2011

Paper cones decoration

Different paper cones
Maybe you remember I mentioned these in December? I thought I'd post the tutorial for them... before we get too far away from Christmas.. it's ok, isn't it? To talk about Christmas stuff in January? ;-)

In Denmark for Christmas these cones ('kræmmerhuse') are made to decorate the Christmas tree - or other places, but mostly the tree. They are traditionally hung on the tree and then filled with cookies or sweets.

They can be a bit fiddly to make at first, but I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of it! :-)

Christmas paper cones tutorial
You will need paper or thin card stock, plain or patterned. Glue, sticky tape, some fancy decorated tape if you've got it. Scissors or knife and cutting mat. Glitter and small Christmassy pictures for decorating.

Christmas paper cones tutorial
Print off the template, trace onto your paper and cut out cones and handles. The template has three different cone sizes.

Christmas paper cones tutorial
Lightly fold one straight edge of the cone towards the other straight edge, this will help make the point.. pointy!

Christmas paper cones tutorial
Add glue on the other edge and fold it over the first edge. It can be a bit tricky to make everything line up properly and make the point sharp. It may be a good idea to practive the cone 'folding' before you add glue.

Christmas paper cones tutorial
If you are a silly person like moi, you make your cone from card stock that is too thick and then you can forget about glueing it and you will have to stick it down with tape!

Making Christmas cone
Add glue to the outside of the ends of the handles and stick in place inside the cone.

Paper cone

Ideas for decorating the cones:
Add glue along the rim of the cone and dip in glitter. Cut pretty pictures from magazines or wrapping paper and glue onto the cone. You can also make a tiny cone and glue onto the point of the cone. You can make the cones from wrapping paper too. You could also print out a pciture of your kids or your pets or maybe a favourite place. The possibilities are endless!

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