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July 13, 2011

In Mollie Makes...

Polka & Bloom pattern in Mollie Makes magazine
By now you may have heard of the lovely new crafty magazine called Mollie Makes? It's really quite fab and inspiring so you must check it out as soon as you get a chance!

And especially this issue is reeeeally worth checking out because my Dala Horse pattern got a mention. Maybe you saw me mention this on the Polka & Bloom blog yesterday - sorry to be repeatin' the news, but I'm just so, you know, excited! :-)

So if you're working on the Dala Horse pattern, on plan on doing it, you can tell all your stitchy friends that the pattern is a teeny-tiny bit famous. ;-)

Oh and check out those super cute crochet flowers on the cover - totally reminds of the days when I was madly crocheting flowery things. Maybe I need a bit of that madness back. :-)

Thank you, Mollie Makes peeps!

Polka & Bloom pattern in Mollie Makes magazine

Polka & Bloom pattern in Mollie Makes magazine

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