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July 4, 2012

Sous la Manche + new &Stitches zine

Sous La Manche
Yesterday Tony and I went on a wee road trip to France to see the finish of a stage in the Tour de France! I don't really like the thought of going through the tunnel under the Channel. A bit of embroidering helps take my mind of things. And also allowed me to make a joke about my stitching career reaching a low point. Literally, it's 75 metres below ground (that's 250 feet). So fairly deep!

I'll show you some pictures from the Tour later, first I want to mention that we published the latest issue of &Stitches zine on Monday! It's a really good one. Interviews with Wendi Gratz and Jenny Hart. Patterns from Wendi, Hancock's House of Happy and more! Do check it out if you like stitching! This post on the &Stitches blog has a few pictures from the zine and also details of a discount, yay!

Issue 3 - &Stitches Zine

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