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August 28, 2012

Colour inspiration in Home Sense

Orla Kiely bedding
I am not that big a fan of Orla Kiely's designs... the colours don't really do it for me - too much brown and mustard! But I do like the Multi Stem design. However, usually it's just way (like, waaaaaaay!) out of my price range.

So, when I spotted this king size duvet cover in Home Sense at less than half price it had to come home with me. Of course, it won't be used as a duvet cover, because I want to use it to make a quilt or two. Also, with fancy bedding like this the pillow cases are sold separately and there is no way I'm spending £28 on a pair of pillow cases (seriously, what!)

Oh and the cover came in a nice sturdy box, which will do very nicely to hold... you know, stuff... :-)

Pretty quilt
Speaking of quilts - look at this pretty one, also in Home Sense. Love the colours, but it was a pretty small quilt and cost quite a lot. Only room for one frivolous purchase! ;-)

But the colour combination is definitely one I'm going to use at some point!

August Break 2012

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