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August 5, 2012

Rice-y salad

Delicious dinner
I feel like I'm turning into one of *those* people, who only ever post their Instagram photos and not photos taken with a proper camera.. ;-)

I had a really nice dinner tonight! Quick and easy too!

Fry chickpeas with chopped garlic, chilli and red pepper. Add any spices you like. I kept it simple with just salt, pepper and a few drops of chipotle sauce. Chop a tomato and a few spring onions. Mix everything with rice (cooked for this or leftovers) and blanched peas and sweetcorn.

Can be eaten warm or cold. It's actually nicer cold! A rice-y salad, nice! Maybe with a pita and some hummus? You can add more vegetables if you like, or maybe some more chickpeas. Or how about some kidney beans for a slight sweetness?

Yeah, I like love beans! :-)

August Break 2012

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