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September 18, 2012

New pattern + a giveaway!

Tree of joy - new pattern
This is my latest embroidery pattern: Tree of Joy. I like it. And I like the colours a lot too. They are inspired by the quilt photo in this post. Remember I said I was going to use it as colour inspiration? And I did! It's a very happy colour combo, I think. But you can make the pattern in whichever colours you feel like of course. I think the pattern has a Christmas-y feel to it - would look quite nice in red+green+pink! :-)

The name is fitting too, because you know what? The book is done! Or atleast my part is done for now. So I feel a lot of joy! I also feel kinda tired..!

But the thing that is going through my head is "what's next?" - like I'm incapable of taking a break! Huh, maybe there's something wrong with me..? ;-)

Anyway, I want to celebrate the book finished-ness, so here's a quickie giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the Tree of Joy pattern.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what's a happy-making thing in your life right now. :-)
Last chance to enter the giveaway is Wednesday 19th Sept at 6pm (UK time). See? I really do mean a quickie giveaway! :-)

The winner will be announced at the weekend. Remember to either leave your email address or a link to your blog or Twitter so I can get in touch with you.

The giveaway is now closed! Thank you for sharing your happy things! The winner will be chosen, notified and announced on Saturday! :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Very pretty! I love making stitchery quilt. I'm working on a Garden Steps quilt and Birdie Stitches quilt.

  2. I love that tree! It looks great in all those colours, but I think it would also look good in just one colour.
    Dare I say it, but I have made my first Christmas make of the year (finished late last night): http://mrsmmakes.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/snowflake-garland/
    I am planning to do another Christmas make and then I will personalise some hankies for my Dad's birthday at the start of Oct. (unless i get treated to a must make now for my birthday).

  3. At the moment my two cats are my biggest happy-pill.

    I do not have a blog or twitter though.


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