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January 31, 2014

1-2-3 Quilt work in progress

1-2-3 Quilt
I got this book last year: 1-2-3 Quilt by Ellen Luckett Baker and it fit perfectly into another goal I have for this year: improve my quilting skillz. Especially get better at the precise stuff. Which means it's probably more of an exercise in patience than sewing. ;-)

The plan is that I am going to make atleast one square, using a pattern from the book, each month. And by the end of the year I will hopefully have enough for a quilt. Fingers crossed.

1-2-3 Quilt
Here's a the first square I made. Fairly simple, all squares! I love this brown/pink/goldish fabric design by Anna Maria Horner. :-)

Some time later this year I will also write a proper review of the book. I think it will be interesting to see if 'living' with a book for a while changes the way approach writing a review of it...

~ Link to the book is an Amazon affiliate link, yo. ~

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