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May 25, 2014

Come hang out with me and the &Stitches team!

&Stitches in the Park
Last summer, I met up with my &Stitches pals, Julie and Nicole (and Sami) at the V&A and we spent a lovely afternoon in the courtyard, stitching, chatting and learning how to make hexies. A lovely time was had by all!

Such a lovely time was had that we decided that we had to do it again. But then we thought, why not meet up with other people a well?

It took us some time to decide what we wanted to do, but finally &Stitches picnic in the Park was born. And you are very welcome to join us!

Whether you want to bring an embroidery project or something else - all crafts are welcome! - or maybe you just want to hang out and chat, it's all good.

On the first Saturday of June, July and August we'll be in Hyde Park* with our picnics and embroidery hoops between 11:00-15:00. You're welcome to join us for the whole afternoon or for a little while.

Beginner embroiderers are definitely welcome - if you have never embroidered before, we're happy to show you how to get started.

We hope you will join us one or more Saturdays - it would be lovely to meet you!

Please see the &Stitches in The Park blog for all the details, like how to get there and stuff.

*Turns out, the corner we have selected is technically called Kensington Gardens, not Hyde Park. But they are connected, so we're sticking with calling it Hyde Park. ;-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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