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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back from Denmark

Copenhagen - July 2014
We're back from our holiday in Denmark! We had a great time and great weather. Too great, almost. Phew, it was hot!

While there we spent a couple of days in Copenhagen, which was lovely. I pretty much only took photos in Copenhagen for some reason... I'll show you some more next week!

Right now I'm still sort of catching up on all.the.things because this past weekend I was at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London so I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground. ;-)

Nyhavn - Copenhagen - July 2014
Nyhavn in Copenhagen. So pretty.

Dronningens Gobeliner - Copenhagen - July 2014
Tapestries in Christiansborg ('Borgen'), made for the Danish Queen's 50th birthday. Pretty spectacular.

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