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December 18, 2014

Starry sky in Århus

Århus julelys på Strøget
When we were in Denmark last month I was happy that we just manged to go and check out the traditional 'starry sky' Christmas decoration in the main shopping (and pedestrian) street. It's about half a mile of street covered with these lights. Some of them twinkle and it's quite lovely on a dark winter afternoon and evening. It gets dark early in Denmark!

Århus julelys på Strøget

Århus julelys på Strøget

Århus julelys på Strøget
One of the department stores is always decorated with these big hearts. In a way, I don't really like them, but they are very festive and it would be strange if they weren't there.

Århus julelys på Strøget
Not actually Christmas lights, but I like the glow of the neon sign on this sewing machine shop. It has been there for decades. In a pretty prime location, so I guess sewing machine sales are fairly steady. ;-)

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