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May 14, 2015

Old shirts - new purpose

Cut up shirts = fabric stash
What do you do with clothes when they can no longer serve their intended purpose? Obviously, if we discard them because we don't like them anymore or they don't fit, but are still in usable condition, we give them to a charity shop.

But when clothes are worn out, I re-purpose them. If they are really bad, I'll cut them up and we use them for rags. When Tony cleans his bike there's a lot of oily greasiness that needs cleaning up, so the rags are handy. Or I use them around the house for extra messy jobs. Where possible we use them multiple times.

My favourite way to use the discarded clothes is to cut them apart and use in my sewing. Fabric stash! Here is a little pile of some shirts Tony could no longer use. All cut up and ready to be used. Sometimes I will be very happy if he wants to get rid of a shirt where I really like the fabric! ;-)

In the past I have used his shirts to make a quilt for our bed. And the shirt pockets to make an advent calendar. :-D

Actually, I have no idea where that advent calendar is... a few things went missing in our move to this house, maybe it's among those. Perhaps I should make another advent calendar for the niece and nephew? (Var det noget, søster?)

I'm not sure what I will make with these shirts. Maybe another quilt. Is there such a thing as too many quilts?

PS. Bonus Blake butt shot. He kept photo bombing, so fine, whatever. ;-)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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