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October 16, 2015

Catching up


I am way behind sharing this: on the &Stitches blog we're hosting a Fictional Villains stitchalong. Sadly, I am unable to stitch along but my fellow team members are working on some cool characters. There's also a giveaway where anyone who stitches a villain can enter to win. Fun! And there's still time to stitch something and enter. So go check out this post about the stitchalong and this one where we're accepting entries.

Random bits: Tony and I went to a Bill Bailey show earlier this week and it was brilliant! I can highly recommend Limboland - if you can get tickets.

My parents visited us last week and my mum and I went to the V&A to see the Fabric of India exhibition. That is also highly recommended. Some of the embroidered textiles were mind boggling. Teeny tiny stitches.

By the way, have I mentioned that I joined the London Modern Quilt Guild? It's nice to be able to meet with fellow quilt makers and fabric lovers. :-)

Speaking of joining things, have you heard of The Fold Line? It's a new community, kinda like Ravelry, but for sewers and embroiderers. I'm carinascraftblog overthere and I set up a Hand Embroidery group. :-)

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