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June 22, 2018

Friday Links :: Flickr, Mandalas Giveaway, Feminist Art

Cap Gris Nez
I somehow fell down the rabbit hole that is my Flickr account. Just scrolling through page after page of photos from years ago. I think I opened my account in early 2005 (!) although I didn't really use it much until my trip to California that summer.

It is a wonderful thing to have, this record of (part of) my life. So many things I've forgotten. And I found a photo of a painting I did many years ago. I gave it to a friend of the family and I thought I only had a blurry print photo of it, so I was very happy to come across a nice clear photo of the painting.

I really, really, really must get on with making printed photo books. I treasure the one I made for 2010, but that's the only year I made one. I do have some for our honeymoon and our first trip to Wales. It really is a lovely thing to have a photo book to flick through...

Pop over to Feeling Stitchy to read a review of Mandalas to Embroider, and a chance to win a copy of the book. :-)

Beautiful Intricate Landscape Paintings.

I came across Rebel Women: The Great Art Fight Back on the iPlayer. "Out of the tumult and fervour of the late 1960s emerged a generation of artists who set out to start a revolution. As women around the world joined forces to fight for liberation, the formative art movement of the last four decades was about to explode into being. " It's worth an hour of tv watching time if you're interested in women's/feminist art. It's available for a few more weeks. But just FYI: it has nudity a plenty so you might not wanna watch it at work or with little ones. ;-)

Dreamlike Landscapes Grow from Sculptural Portraits.

If the human requires help, what should a service dog do?

Defunct Old Cars Given New Life as Pools and Pizza Ovens. The caravan turned into a pool made me chuckle. :-)

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